Are you concerned about your car fuel consumption?

I can talk all day long on this topic and about the causes that make your engine, consumes more fuel.  But right now, I will discuss some of the major attributes to this problem. This could be hazardous for your car engine health performance. If, you car isn’t doing well as it could, it also means you have to spend more money than ever before. And you are feeling seriously sick of filling up the tank more often. Below are some major contributors of poor gas mileage:

Car excessive fuel consumption can be a real serious problem it not fixed timely.

Causes of awkward gas consumption:

  • Filling up too much air into your car tires could lead to bad mileage and more consumption of fuel. It’s most easiest thing to correct. Therefore, I recommend you to purchase an inexpensive pressure gauge, to check on the air level of your tires. Thus, read manufacturer’s recommendation label that will be stamped on the driver side door plate. Similarly, try to avoid any pressure level given or shown on the tire Actually, pumping too much air into your car wheels and that will automatically put load on your engine that will definitely result in bad mileage.


  • After traveling 1000 km, you should check the air filters. If, they get really grime, it will block the oxygen passage and your oxygen sensor will be unable to mix right amount off air with fuel. It can also reduce your car mileage up to 20%. The oxygen sensor combines; required amount of air with fuel and any defect in the oxygen sensor will have a direct impact on balance keeping. If, your air filter jamming is genuine then you can consult with a car detailing professional nearby or you can also find a mobile detailing service provider. Proper cleaning of your car air filter will improve your car machine performance as well as heel gas consumption problem.


  • One of the thing that most of us ignore, are spark plugs that are responsible for igniting fuel in the engine. Poor spark plugs are also the main cause, which can affect your fuel mileage in a totally negative way. It will certainly burn more fuel than needed. You can take your vehicle to an auto electric technician and replace the plugs with new one.

  • You should also keep in mind the fuel injector, which can also cause deficient mileage. Faulty fuel injector can put you into a lot of trouble. Fuel injector is solely responsible for pumping fuel into the engine and in case of leakage; your car engine will receive shortage of gas. Your engine performance will decline sharply, that’s guaranteed. It is advised to you, to seek services of professional auto repair Pro just like crystal Shine which provides a to z services relevant to your car.


  • One of the most common reasons behind high consumption of fuel is the use of AC more than usual. Therefore, turn it off when not required. Otherwise, your engine will burn more gas to keep your AC running to cool down the temperature inside your When driving at high speed try to lock all car windows tightly, it will speed up the air cooling and the compressed air will not be able to drag out. So, even after turning the AC of your car, one can enjoy cold air for a long time.

  • Driving car fast on the road and switching among the gears quickly, leads to bad mileage. You have to control your nerves and speed down to reduce fuel consumption of your car. The logic is pretty simple, to generate more power the engine requires more fuel which automatically result in increase of fuel consumption.


  • If you have just recently revived your engine. In order to improve your car overall performance by purchasing an engine that accelerates more speed then the previous version. Your car will feel alive, when it’s driven down the road. However, you have to keep in mind that to accelerate more speed of the newly bought engine. You now have to fuel the tank quickly then before because now your engine will burn more gas.


  • Most of us keep the car Idol, when we park it somewhere and wait for someone to pick them up. We never realize that in this idle time, our car uses fuel because we didn’t turn it off. During winter season, we turn on the engine for a while to warm up the car. All these habits may result in emptying your wallet sooner than expected. You have to know that your car only requires 30 seconds to warm up. Therefore, keeping the engine on for longer time will cost you more on gas refueling. Try to turn off your car, when waiting for a friend or kids. Furthermore, put your car in neutral gear. Since you are not going anywhere, it might also help in saving gas as well as polluting the air less.


  • The type of motor oil you use also play a major role in your car mileage by 12% approximately. Therefore, consult somebody who is expert in this field or use motor oil that reduces friction or used synthetic lube oil.

So far we have explained, most of the major contributors that causes your motor car bad mileage. However, the list may continue to grow, if we include other minor reason. But, for the moment you need to work out on all these safeties before moving to next phase.

Crystal Shine Auto Center

Crystal Shine Auto Center

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