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Unfortunately the air quality particularly in our large cities is deteriorating

This demands an increased awareness for our health. Taking into consideration particularly longer trips in our car could be a new source of danger for our well being. Various international research studies have proved that inside all cars are a large amount of illness causing viruses, bacteria, germs and mold.

They origin divided in two groups:

  1. Viruses and bacteria settled in from the outside air which could cause strong asthma and allergy attacks.
  2. Mold, germ-bacteria from the remnants of the food consumed in cars. These can be particularly dangerous for children and persons with low immune level and could cause infection type sickness.

We at Crystal Shine provide the perfect solution utilizing the excellent disinfecting capability of the ozone and UV sensitization as used in Hospitals

Visit us if you can’t shake that cold or after an illness get your car not only clean but Hygienically clean !

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