An overview on Tyre Printing!


An overview on Tyre Printing!

An overview on Tyre Printing!


Our company offers the high quality Tyre Printing services. We have a machine for Tyre printing which is of high quality and given extended results. We follow below mentioned process for Tyre Printing.


In the process of Lamination, we apply a clear film to label material, which gives a complete polished appearance. However, Lamination is done usually to protect label. The these labels are rendered the moisture-resistant  practically tear-proof, hence it enhances the life of a label. Lamination even enhances visual appeal of the label.


The technique of Varnishing refers to a process for applying the heat-cured. It is also about clear coating of the transparent ink on surface of the label. It exclusively for the protection and to offer a lustrous look. Also, labels having the protection of varnishing enhancement of material and printing help protection from moisture, abrasion, chemicals as well as sunlight.

Serial Numbering

Labeling having exclusive serial numbers. They are require in different industries, like logistic and retail, as well as for different purposes. These purpose are identifying the spare parts as well as different individual units of the products and goods.

Hot foil and Cold foil

It is an exclusive method of image-producing in which the thin foil with label design get transfer to the specific surface.

It results to the most wonderful and eye-catching product, the reason is for the metallic sheen coating of foils. Renown foils which are use are metallic and gold, but various other finishes and colors are available. The Cold foil and Hot foil may be done at any specific surface, and it is a perfect kind of enhancement when you wish your product for appearing exquisite. We allow you to choose what you wish including in logo, design or the text.


We are renown in the entire industry for Embossing. This is a situation where the image is press on the material for creating an image which is raise above material level. Definitely, Embossing is not cost-effective option, specifically for the low volumes, but it even adds the dash of the style to the product. It is quite simple detecting the tampering of the embossed labels, hence it discourages counterfeiting. We also make sure that labels last for quite long, and are also available to the customers in different colors, size, pattern and shape that they require.

Screen Printing

The process of Screen printing is about adding texture to label. It offers the very sophisticated feel to the label. We are among the renowned label printers who are capable for screen printing.

Security or the specialty Ink

We offer our customers with great choice of above 20 security inks or the specialty inks in diverse colours as well as print processes and also guide them the kind of ink they must use according to the level of the security, protection of the brand, attractiveness that they are searching for.

Few renowned security ink or the specialty inks are the inks of thermo chronic, metallic inks, the variable inks and the inks of photo chromatic.




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