Air Conditioning Cleaning


Air Conditioning Cleaning

Air Conditioning Cleaning


Nowhere is air conditioning more important than in Dubai, where summer heat, which generally starts from May and lasts up until October, can be close to unbearable. Especially for someone who is not use living in dry desert climate. That’s why it’s so essential to make sure your car’s air conditioning works the most effectively. However, just like with most of the things we own and have, air conditioning be maintain and clean from time to time. Let’s see why air conditioning cleaning is so important and how crystal clear service can help you maintain your air conditioning.

Why it’s important to keep your air conditioning clean?

 We may think air conditioning in our car works by magic and can never get wrong but here is a few things which can really cause problems with it:

  • Human hair or animal fur
  • General air pollution
  • Dirt and sand coming from the air
  • Pollens which can even lead to allergic reactions
  • Molecules, bacteria, even fungus of all the leftovers which are left in the car. Circulating these in the air can lead to serious health problems, allergic reaction and the worst thing of all is, that you would not even realize this.

One or more of these can step by step clog the system and make your car’s air conditioning less and less effective, up until the point where it can even go wrong altogether. And changing an air conditioning system costs way more than regular maintenance.  Hence, it is important to get Air Conditioning Cleaning.

If the filter of the air conditioner gets filthy enough it will keep on circulating the dirtier, polluted air through that filter. Just think about how harmful it can be for your health. So, get the Air Conditioning Cleaning from professionals.

Luckily Crystal Shine has a handy service for that: making sure your air conditioning is properly clean and works the best way possible for you.


How does the cleaning method work?

Cleaning an air conditioning system is a meticulous process, which requires taking the system apart. Once dissected we will specifically concentrate on cleaning all the items. Specifically the evaporator, the condenser and we will check the valves and the compressor too. Once all parts are checked and cleaned our professional will assemble the system and check if the system is working properly.


How often air conditioning be clean?

Normally car air conditioning systems get clean once every year. But thanks to the vicious climate and sand that can clog the system pretty easily. We suggest you to give it a check at least 2-3 times a year. This way you can ensure that the air conditioning will be more effective, more durable and will keep the car cold for a much longer time.  Your car will get the great new smell after the air vents have been duly clean.


Contact us today and book an appointment. The process does not last long. Depending on daily queue we will finish with the task within a matter of a few hours. Let us help you keep your air conditioning healthy and cold on the long run.



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