Accident Repairs


Accident Repairs

At times your vehicle meets with an accident it may end up having certain portions dented (provided the accident was not grave), one of headlights may get broken, bumper damaged and so forth. Is it still possible to repair your vehicle back to the pre accident condition?  Can the damages be corrected? Yes they can be, unless and until your vehicle engine and other important components have not been affected much by the impact. You can recover about ninety percent of the damage by either replacing certain body parts with real OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) counter parts. There are local replacements available too, but they would neither last longer nor would give the required performance or appearance. Accident repairs take considerable effort and require skilled professionals who know the structure and the way to get things right. Depending upon the depth of damages cost might vary. But the thing is, how well can these be corrected. Just superficial fixing may not serve the purpose, as obviously they will tend to fail sooner or later.


                 Assessing damage

Accident might cause hefty damage to the vehicle. Few might not be even visible externally. Your vehicle might need to be started, even driven by the experts to get a hang of the vehicle condition. As to which internal parts might have undergone damages? Are they functioning satisfactorily? Can they be retained without repair? All such questions are checked upon by our team of experts at Crystal shine before stepping into accident repairs. Once the assessment is over we issue a quote.


                 Estimate Preparation

Assessment gives an idea for which all parts need to be worked upon. A list is created with the damaged parts, action Items and roughly the cost that would be incurred towards correcting them. The estimate also details the amount of time it might take. Once quote is prepared, it is then presented to the customers detailing the affected and how it will be worked upon, the approach.


                 Get customer approval

Well, as a matter of fact, accident repairs are time consuming and might be done in phases. Customers might not wish to get everything corrected at the first go. This might be due to financial or time constraints. They might wish to have the vehicle in a working conditions and superficial corrections be worked upon later. Once approval is received against the action Items, we get started with the most crucial parts first.


                 Repair parts


Once approved we start with correcting those portions of your vehicle that requires the most attention, carefully fixing them out using the best of our knowledge, latest technology equipments, tools and the vast experience. Repairs might require replacement of certain parts. Especially if it comes to headlights, mirrors and other smaller components, they can only be replaced. Correcting cracks may not serve the purpose and they tend to break over the consecutive jerks. After accident repairs the vehicle is readied by washing, polishing and all the things required restoring back the shine and the new look on your vehicles. Finally, it is handed over to the customers.

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